Clients in the Mud world are essentially programs that handle the telnet connection to your Mud. While typically holding true to simple telnet they often give you extra perks such as ANSI color capabilities, images, in-client aliases, auto-mapping and a variety of other things to make your experience easier and more fun!

List of Common ClientsEdit

Here are a few of the more commonly used clients. Click to be taken to the download page

Just remember that all Mud Clients are different even though they are typically made to do the same thing. MUSHclient for instance is more "user friendly" with its easy to navigate menus while Pueblo's extra features are all run on #commands (a list of which can be found here).

If the aforementioned clients don't suit your fancy you can find a list of a few other clients Here at or google "Mud Clients" and find your own!

GTCantz: I personally use Pueblo since Zmud has essentially become obsolete. Clients like MUSHclient don't typically support images and sounds and instead offer you links that can often times become distracting or get in the way. Pueblo supports ANSI color, sounds, images and has all of those useful #commands (also known as tintin commands) that with a little practice and memorization become second nature. Either way search around for a client you're comfortable with and stick with it!