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Criterion Mud is a text based Multi-User Dungeon created by Belgarath (permission to use real name still needed). It offers an expansive world in which players can immerse themselves and either role play or just be themselves. The areas that Criterion offers range from original creations to areas based off of popular media such as ThunderCats, Monty Python, and the Wizard of Oz. Players quest and grind through 100 levels (technically 200 or 300 if they are multi-class) all the while learning new spells, collecting better equipment, and grouping with friends. Clans are supported in Criterion and are a welcome part of its social and player structure.


Criterion's world contains (according to the world info) over 7400 rooms, over 145 zones, over 6000 objects (including potions, weapons and armor) and over 6000 monsters and mobs. A list of some of the more commonly visted areas include:

  • The Elven Forest (8w2nwn from Midgaard MS)
  • The Chess Board (s4w;open gate;wu from Midgaard MS)
  • Kerofk (6e10n2e4n2en2es5e from Midgaard MS)
  • Tombstone (12s2e from New Thalos MS)
  • Lost Valley (s2e2s5wnd2se8s from Midgaard MS)
  • Undersea (s2e2s13w2n2e5n5w2nwn3w3n2w2n5d from Midgaard MS)
  • Oz (9s2wes6eseswu from New Thalos MS)

Keep in mind some of these areas are meant for higher level players and should not be visited by lower level characters.


The official rules are located in the Rule Room, up from the Mortal Board. This is a copy:

Absolutely NO MULTIPLAYING! Only one character may be on at once! This extends to doing things like nearly killing a mob, renting, and finishing it off with another character. Having one player that can command two players is not fair at all.
NO BOTS! All players must have a human behind them. You can use triggers, but I expect there to be a player behind the console. If immortals find someone playing with nobody watching, then they are allowed to transfer that person somewhere to confuse the triggers. If the person dies, that is their problem.
Player killing is only allowed in the clan halls. You may not player kill anywhere else! Player killing can extend to summoning someone in front of an aggressive mob, if we see fit. Do not kill or charm newbies.
Abusing of a bug will result in severe punishment. Report the bugs and you may be rewarded.
Generally I'm leaving it to your common sense to figure out what is allowed. If you're not sure, post a message on the mortal board, right below you. Remember, playing on a mud is a privilege, not a right.


Connecting to CriterionEdit

For more information on connecting to Criterion see the Newbie FAQ.