There are a few people you can learn from that aren't guildmasters scattered about the mud and one of them is the Loremaster. The Loremaster teaches the lores of each species on the mud. The Loremaster is located in Mordilnia but you shouldn't try to lcate him until you are at least level 10 due to the perils that await you should you want to journey to Mordilnia

Lores allow you to obtain more information when you con or consider an enemy or a fellow player whom you may wish to challenge. You will get what race they are and more stats about them than you would get if you didn't learn the lore specific to their species. In addition to increased knowledge lore also grants additional damage in hand to hand combat, ranged combat and a large damage bonus for backstabs.

Lores are extremely useful and due to being so useful they are also extremely expensive. It can take up to 6 practices to fully master a lore depending on your wisdom and each lore practice costs between 1-3,000 gold. It is extremely expensive but well worth it.

The Loremaster can be killed but you will not get back the gold you spent learning lores if you do kill him but you will not be able to learn more from him until the area repopulates. It is strongly recommended that you not kill the Loremaster as everyone in the mud can learn from him and it takes a while for an area to repopulate. I hope this infformation was help for you and please enjoy Criterion Mud!