Renting is a very important aspect of playing Criterion Mud as you will be renting in and out everytime you log in to play or more than likely everytime you wish to visit a new area that has an Inn.

In order to learn about renting you must first learn about Inns. Inns usually consist of two rooms but sometimes will consist of one room. The first room is usually the entrance to the Inn then you go up to enter the Inn itself. You can always tell if you are at an Inn by the receptionist that is waiting to assist you. Inns can be found in many areas such as Midgaard, New Thalos, Kerofk, Tombstone and others.

Now that you have a basic idea about Inns you can learn more about renting. When you enter an Inn which is the room with the receptionist, you can type rent to enter your personal chamber and you will be taken to the main menu which will allow you to leave the mud, delete your character, enter a description of yourself, enter another inn or change your password.

Renting is free for players up to level 40 because these players are unable to use rare equipment which has a rent cost associated with it. The rent cost varies depending on the power/rarity of the equipment being used. When you have access to such rare equipment you can use an identify wand or a white glove to identify the equipment and then you can check the rent cost part of the identification to see how much it will cost per day to rent out with that equipment.

Don't worry about using alot of rare equipment and having a rent cost of millions of gold because when you rent out you are given a large discount that allows you to make yourr gold last alot longer. Be careful though as you are charged the instant you leave the mud and even if you aren't gone for a full day you will still be charged something for how long you were gone. I hope this was helpful and enjoy playing Criterion Mud!