Submitting pictures==

Players may wish to submit pictures for items on Criterion. Pictures must meet the following guidelines or they will be rejected. Please don't submit copyrighted pictures!

For room background picturesEdit

  • Room background pictures must be at least 640x480, and must be dark, because the http version shows the text on the background.
  • Images should be JPEG.

For item picturesEdit

  • Images must be less than 200x200 pixels, greater than 32x32.
  • Images must have a transparent background (and therefore, GIF/PNG).


  1. For rooms: Go to the room you want to submit the image for, and type "idea" followed by the image you are going to submit.
  2. For items: Identify the item to get it's object name (example: Object 'sharp dagger newbie' ).
  1. Add the picture to this Wiki page, be sure to mention the room name or object name.

Submitted imagesEdit