The Hunter is one of the few instructors who are not guildmasters available to learn from in the mud. He lives on an island off of the Dark River which is located 2e 2s from the Common Square of Midgaard.

He mainly teaches skills for warriors but also teaches skills for thieves involving finding and disarming traps. The first aid skill is available to every class which allows you to regenerate a small amount of hit points but can only be used once per day. He teaches warriors track and butcher which are both pretty handy skills.

It can cost from 1-3,000 gold per practice to learn from him but you will only be able to practice the skills a few times.The Hunter can be killed pretty easily but you will likely not get back the gold you spent practicing skills with him making killing him essentially pointless and it deprives other players of his teaching skills for a time so just don't do it!

I hope you find this information helpful and enjoy Criterion Mud!